How is everyone????

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I am just ducky! I hate the phrase "just peachy" so I for as long as I can remember have used "just ducky" in its place. Yup.

Anyways. I have spent mucho time with Heather. That is definitely a good thing. We saw Finding Nemo. I would be the fish trying to talk to whales, and generally getting in the way and being distracted by shiny metal objects. Yup. She also came over on Saturday. We watched "The Birdcage" or well half of it. And she took a horrendous picture of me! No one ever gets a picture of me so she should consider herself lucky. Still, after all this time together, I have no idea what to say we are. Dating? Together? I dunno. Whatever the hell it is, its fun! I wish I we had talked more recently because there is something bothering me and I know she would listen and try and help. Grrumbles on that.

I also constructed a well worded email to send to an Independent Civil Union Officiant in Putney, Vermont where my mum and Lynn intend to have their Civil Union. Hopefully my mum gets an email back. We also found a harpist to play during the Civil Union. The music is soooooooo pretty and they were all for the CU. I have started calling it CU out of habit. There has been so much talking about it lately. My mum tried to explain to my 13 y/o brother what was happening and it went straight over his head. The poor kid. I see a huge sit-down conversation in his future.

Because of the CU there are gonna be a lot of Vermont trips in the near future as well. Its gonna be wicked fun. A lot of work but LOTS of fun.

Music wise I have fallen in love with the new Michelle Branch cd. Its amazing! Definitely not what I would have expected. It seems more real than "Spirit Room" was. Its not all so pop and its more ecletic. There is some french thrown in one of the songs at the end, and there are two songs that feature two singers, one is Sheryl Crow and the other Jessica Harper. Its a great cd!

Well I suppose thats all for now. Thanks as always this was enlightening! Catcha later!


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Congrats to your mom and Lynn.
That does sound like [wicked] fun!


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It will be super fun, very stressing and hectic...But with the right support from the right people I should be able to survive!
~Lisa Faery~

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I was kind of pondering the same thing, and I think Dragon is snickering off in the corner becuase we are both wondering it at her. thanks for inviting me to the CU, it should be uber fun and great! Harp music is so wonderful.... If I could learn any instrument, it would be harp. I didn't know Michelle Branch had a new cd out... Its kinda funny,her old one is the closest thing to 'happy' music I've got.