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Ok ladies, (*ahem* and gentlemen) since there seems to be a lack of intelligent conversation floating around here these days ( I blame that partially on the departure of JB, sad times) I thought I'd give the ol' discussion forum a whirl and try to stir up some debate. Below, are a series of topics from which you may pick to discuss, or if there's something on your mind, go ahead and discuss that too.

1: Recently, a partial birth abortion law was passed by the house of representatives . A partial birth abortion is one that occurs in the 2nd or 3rd tri-mester, a breech delivery is induced, legs, arms, and body are "delivered" and the head is not. A tiny puncture at the base of the skull is made and the contents suctioned out and the skull colapses, completing the procedure. This description is in no way a scientific one, if you require more technical definitions you can find the easily with a quick internet search, I'm sure. Many individual states have passes laws banning the procedure, and now, there are drafts on the national level proposing a ban. Agree or disagree?

2: Will there ever be peace in the middle east? What are your views on the current and on-going situation?

3: If WMD's are not found in Iraq, will that ruin Bush's political run for 2004?

4: Of the nine democrats viing for the democratic bid in the 2004 election, who do you think stands the best chance, or rather, can do the best job, and of course, why?

And as always, please use your head when responding, we can debate without name calling and any other pettiness that may occur, I have faith in you. ;-)

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I apologize for the lack of international discussion topics, but if there's something thats burning to get out of your head and its not American in origin, by all means, feel free to shout it from the rooftops, or for our purposes here, the keyboards. :-)

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I don't think that there will be peace in the middle east, because as the world becomes more fucked up and global warming becomes more servere then water shortages could well cause conflict, especially with countries building dams which could stop places further down stream from getting water or causing their land to flood.
But on the other hand there may be peace in the middle east if they all put there diifernces aside in an attempt to bring down the west.
Sorry to be pessimistic, if anyone disagrees feel free to say for debates sake

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I hope this Dean guy wins. H

I hope this Dean guy wins. He's for gay civil unions :). I'm so happy. I love being queer. *is thinking about a girl right now and is totally ecstatic*

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1. I'm against abortions altogether, but I feel it is still a woman's choice. If, somehow, all women could be rounded up and then take a vote to decide their fates, I would respect that decision. As such, I'm not entierly comfortable with a bunch of old men deciding. In my personal opinion, a life is a life, and should be respected as such. But, I'm not a woman, and I don't have to deal with the ramifications of a pregnancy in quite the same way.
2. It's possible, but I don't think it's likely. Emotions are always supercharged there, and that doesn't make for good or lasting peace.
3. I sure as hell hope it does. Really though, I think if none are found his entire credibility will be shot, and more people will think of him a warmonger. Not a good reputation.
4. I have no opinion as of yet. Too many choices. I like to think Hillary would do a good job; she seems so shrewd, and she's a democrat! But she's not running. A pity.

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is a whole issue in herself! lol! So, an ammendment, issue # 5: Hillary Clinton, do we hope she'll run in 2004, 2008? Will she do a good job, will you vote for her?

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I'm a little Anti-Hillary mys

I'm a little Anti-Hillary myself. I don't like her personality, I'm not fond of the fact she's a senator for NY. I'd like to support her, but I can't do it for the sole fact she's a woman.

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