new user account password issues

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A friend of mine has been trying to get an account here, but she's not yet gotten a password emailed to her and it's been more than a week. is there any way to fix that?

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gah, stupid email accounts...

Yeah, that happened to me too. Some email server-thingys (AOL and Hotmail, I think) see stuff from Oasis as spam and automatically block it. I suggest talking to Jeff about it, he knows all and could help you out with that. You can email him through the website or AIM him (oasismag).

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Damn Oompa Loompas!

They're at it again. Up to their Loompish shenanigans. Long live the Movement!

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Tell her

To contact me directly.. adrian (NO SPAMMEEE-- - NO SPAMMEEE!) at oasismag (no spammeeeee) dot com.


Hopefully the new rollout will stop this from happening

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