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I am writing a fic with my friend Amy. We altenate chapters and its on a subject I dont particularly like, well I like but not as much as she does. But it allows me to practice my writing ability and get it read by people who arent friends of mine. I dont know. I guess its a good experience.

Theres almost nothing I like more than sitting outside in our back yard, in the hammock, on a sunny day. Its just so relaxing. Too bad this summer isn't going to be like that. I am running a type of mini day care for five weeks. Every single day, for five weeks. One of the kids is the one who almost broke my nose a couple of months ago. And uh well ruined my sweatshirt. I suppose kids will be kids and when you throw in an Aaron Carter dvd, who knows what could possibly happen? ::grins:: Lol. Sorry it was just a funny experience.

Music wise I have run across another good band. Their name is Breaking Benjamin. The cd is entitled "Saturate". I don't exactly know how to describe them but they have a hint of Pearl Jam in their music. Whatever it is, I like it, a lot. Its more rock than I have been listening to. But its nice to get a change in music every now and then.

Book wise, I haven't had the chance to read anything new. Right now I am attempting to finish "The Awakening" for english. I don't particularly like it but I have to read it for it will be on my final exam. Its really difficult to get into a book you don't really like, knowing you won't have an individual test and paper to do on it. My friend told me I should read any books written by Sarah Dessen. I may just take her up on that thought.

Other than that above mentioned junk, nothing that new is going on. I am still anticipating this trip to P-town on Saturday. I really REALLY hope it happens. I think it will be extremely fun. Any other time I have hung out with the person accompanying my mother, Lynn and I, I have had an amazing time. (I do hope she reads this, cause you know, that would be fairly cool...::smiles::)

I suppose thats enough for now. I heart you people! (Once again I hope she is reads this at some point. I used "heart" again. It seems to be a permanent verb in my vocabulary. Is that a bad thing?) Good bye for now....

~Lisa Faery~


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Points. ^_^


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::dances around happily:: yay for points!
~Lisa Faery~