obviously unhip

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I think I may be starting to show my age. Or maybe this writing policies in the adult and anal world thing has robbed me of being with it. Or maybe the not getting paid enough to be so frivolous as to buy a mainstream magazine has robbed be of being with it. Or maybe I'm just not with it.

What the hell is emo?




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EMO fer ya

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stands for emotional, basically a lot of the music where people write very personal lyrics and the fans are deeply connected to the groups they like.

Bright Eyes and Dashboard confessional are two bands I really like that are considered emo, but there are many...

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Angst ridden teenage lyrics. Emo kids are known for wearing sweaters and long sleeved teeshirts in all weather, and wearing thick rimmed glasses. They cry a lot about cliches. No worries:)
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Luke, you make it sound so hot...

Damn that Dashboard Confessional for cancelling last week, I need my emoboy fix. :-)

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I didn't know what it was eit

I didn't know what it was either Jules.

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Thank you.

To everyone. Your explanations were a little more helpful than my best friend's: "Shitty mock punk music that's twisted with pop and worshipped by teenage girls like it were Ringo and Paul."



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that IS a different explanation