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You just have to stop thinking in order to actually move on and live......I am rather sad right now or I was earlier. Sarah graduated last night, which means she is going away soon. I cried. It was saddening. But its the next step for her. Soon it will be the next step for me and its a thoroughly frightening thought.
I have been thinking a lot lately. Its my downfall more often than not. I dont know, I guess right now I am just not happy. I am just being, and I am not content with that. Yet I dont know what the hell to do. So therefore I am attempting to just stop thinking all together.
I need to get out of the house. I need to have fun and be happy for once. I am really REALLY hoping that we are still going to Provincetown in two weeks. If we dont I sincerely think I may just cry. I havent been there in soooo long. I need to go. I need to be. I need to live...

As always this was an enlightening experience. Thank you all for letting me rant. I ::heart:: you peoples! =0)

~Lisa Faery~