Tastless Humor

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So, lately I've been hanging around that Dkxploitation site.

I find it hilarious, yet at the same time repulsive. Why I am so fascinated with lesbians? It only troubles me because I fear I may be deluding myself, seeing is how I'm the only lesbian I know. I have nothing to base reality on.

Anyway, if you've seen it, post your thoughts. If not, then check it out.

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Something weirder...

I'm know I'm gay, but there's this odd fascination I have about lesbians. Not sexual, that is... But there's something special about seeing two girls kiss. :)

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The only time I'm turned on by men is when they're... um... "at" each other.

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Hee hee hee... same here! M

Hee hee hee... same here! Mmm.... yaoi.

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