The Unnatural Argument Falls

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Another argument is that homosexuality "isn't found in animals". Apparenly people need to wake up. Scientists have found it in nearly every species. Even the kid down the street can tell you what the two male dogs do to each other in the neighbor's backyard.

This doesn't mean that just because animals engage in homosexual acts that human homosexual acts are moral because we can compare humans to animals. Animals often eat and kill their own siblings, mates, offspring. It would be a rather foolish argument. However, what this does say is that it's just as foolish to use the reverse argument that "since animals don't do it" (and they do!) "it's wrong". Animals don't buy car insurance and write poetry, but none of those things are on our "abomination" list. Let's not argue whether there are gay giraffes, alligators, lion, etc., or not. It's a waste of time.

Another argument is that if something isn't used with it's principle intent, it is immoral. I use my mouth to speak, eat and drink. That is it's priciple intent that is demonstrated clearly in the Bible's pages by example. However, where I run into trouble is when I brush my teeth and chew gum. Will God condemn me for doing these things? I hope not! :) Nowhere does it say that men like Abraham had Big Red and Aquafresh. Am I sinning everytime I chew on the back of a Bic pen top?

Penis in vagina might seem logical. I agree it is. But, this one use doesn't necessarily designate definitive purpose. The chief purpose of an organ doesn't formulate morality. It only forumalates data frequency and statistics. Breasts are chiefly mammry glands for giving infants milk. If God only wanted them to be used for this, then why aren't women flat-chested until they are pregnant?

Finally, we cannot assume what is "unnatural" (if it even is considered that to begin) to be immoral and imply that natural is somehow "good". One part of the dark side of human nature (sadly) is murder. Some people are born with a genetic predisposition to become an alcoholic, if given the opportunity. Others may become psychopathic serial killers on the converge of antisocial personality disorder.

Storms and earthquakes kill thounsands of people at a time. Cancer takes the innocent lives of hundreds of children every year. This is all natural.

So, after clarifiying this bit, we can see that there is no basis to say that homosexuality is "unnatural".

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I agree, if you think about

I agree, if you think about it, these guys who claims that god talks to them and they write the bible. So there is a slight chance, that they could include their own words as well. Its a man made bible. So there are also few chances that they included their own words how gross homosexual , and whores, and everything and they are an abolishment. Since when god hates? If you read through the bible, is there a hate mentioned?? There are some that says hate is the devil, so why do they hate homosexuals?

If we I am disabled, is that an abolishment? If Im a pot head, is that an abolishment? None of these are listed, so if god loves us all, he would just accept us as whole entity. He wanted US all to LOVE eachother. Love eachother, as unity, as family.

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right on!

Totaly agree! You get the Silver Medal Of Logical Thinking for today! (aka the S.M.O.L.T. award) People will cling to any reason they can find to explain things they don't think are "normal" but who are they to say whats "normal"? Personally I don't believe in "normality". Who can really say what is or isn't "normal". It changes every day so there can be no set "normal". There is the illusion of what is "normal". Well that's just my views on "normal" and what the scientists think. See ya for now! Peace.-Angel

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Nice work, Greling.

Geez, scientists can be really stupid sometimes, considering how smart they're "supposed" to be. OK, here's another thought: if they're trying to disprove anything by calling it unnatural, then homosexuality is very natural because it's a really useful method of population control. I'm certainly not saying that gay people shouldn't have kids, Everyone should be able to have kids if they want (with the exception of some Texans). But homosexuality in any species really does help keep the population down a bit, which is great cause this planet is small and if we all had kids, then we'd be screwed.

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