Today was great....

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It was actually better than great but my vocabulary fails to help me right now. My brain is asleep I think. I have read way too many books in the last three days....Anyways!

I hung out with Heather for most of the day. We went to Borders. I have to say one thing about that place: Even though its highly over-priced, I want to live there! Read the books, listen to the music, drink coffee until I can't stand still for a millisecond...then fall asleep in one of their comfy armchairs nicely stowed away upstairs amongst the cd racks. Sounds like a good plan to me....We actually had a plan to steal one of the chairs...Didnt quite happen though...Too many Harry Potter crazed people in there, holding their precious receipts awaiting their own copy of book five, like they were going through the Sorting Ceremony themselves.

Next we went to Chili's. It was ironic as well, cause the first time we hung out, we were with my mum and Lynn, and we ate at Chili's. It was rather cute I must say. For some reason I was way too into the music they had playing. It was all techno-ey dance music. Its sooo damn hard trying to dance in those friggin' booths though! My mum was trying to attract the attention of this little girl in the booth next to us. She strolled in adorned with none other than a witch hat because of Harry Potter. And my mum just so happens to have the Harry Potter song thing as a ring tone on her cell phone. The conversation went as follows (or something similar to it): "LISA! Call my cell!" "Why? So you can attract the attention of that girl? (Me thinking: "So you can give her parents' a heat attack a piece when she screams shrilly and interupts everyones' lunches???") "I want to see her reaction!" "No. I refuse to waste the battery in my phone on that."
Guess who did it anyways? ::raises her hand:: I know, its sad.

Then Heather and I went out to the jeep to wait for my mum and Lynn. We noticed a Newbury Comics right next door. Of course we had to go over. So we waited for the other two to finally make an appearance (Lynn has knee issues and is rather offense to her). Then we all went over. Lynn disappeared into an adjoining Tweeters. Us other three went into Newbury's. There were these kick ass red Doc Martens on sale, but alas they did not have my size (damn them!).

Thats where we got the brilliant idea to make rainbow necklaces...little did we know how complicated that would be. So we stopped at this fabric and craft place, spent forever getting the beads and what not (::grrowls at Heather but in a playful manner:: You so didnt have to pay for all the beads and what not!!! But thank you!! ::smiles::).

Our next destination was the movie place so we could rent "But I'm a Cheerleader" and then proceeded to my house to make the necklaces and watch the movie. I do believe I rebeaded my necklace atleast six times in order to get it to work somewhat correctly. Then there was the rummage through the various tool boxes in order to locate some needle nose pliers (I was the winner in that event!).

All in all it was a really really good day (once again my vocabulary fails me, therefore I must fall back on my newest verb: I heart this afternoon!). And I wound up with the book "Rainbow Boys" which I highly recommend (Heather, I am almost done reading it, therefore you can borrow it soon...I known I am such a dork!), a new rainbow necklace, and the ability to say "Why yes I have!" if someone were to ask me "Have you seen "But I'm a Cheerleader"?". ::smiles::
And the company I was with, made the afternoon even better.

I apologize for my lengthy blog, but as you can see, I had a great day. As always I have enjoyed this blogging experience! Catch ya' later!

P.S. Heather, hun, I still owe you a viewing of "The Birdcage"...We should do that sometime soon...Before I start my daycare thing, and you start your job...::pouts:: We arent gonna have much spare time, are we?


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It so was....

I had so much fun.... No words. Your families so nutters, its great. and Im rather fond of you as well. ^_^ Lol, the necklaces. *groan* The kiddos at school loved it. I think it gave me luck on my history final, and I needed it. I *heart* this heart business. Hehe, the question is, do we abduct a chair from borders, or the fabulous bean-bags at newburies? hm....

p.s. I believe I still owe you a trip to see Finding Nemo as well. I know I probably already asked this, but when does your job start?

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July 7th....
~Lisa Faery~