Well here goes nothing.

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So, in the time since I've been off oasis for a few weeks, almost three, some has happened. I finally caught up for the most part with school-so I'm excited. But the bigger thing is me and my friend Stiv, when he was sleeping over on Saturday, (not Kinky Steve from before. I sorta realized the more I got to know him, the less I wanted to get to know him) took things to the next level and decided mayve we should try a romantic relationship. This was a good idea to both of us at the time.

Well, the next night, I got kinda nervous. All "Did I do the right thing? Or was it just convient?" I know I'd thought romantically about Stiv before but never thought it'd happen. So I was really nervous and thought about taking it a set back, but I decided I'd talk to him about it first.

Well, I thought about undoing it on Sunday. Well, I e-mailed him on Sunday, and he e-mailed me back. And I had basically said "Is this the right thing for us? Tell me what you think." And he was "I think it's right." So, this was okay enough. Well, Monday, post talking to him, I was a little bit less nervous, but still nervous none the less, so I e-mailed him again and told him to call me. He said he would. Alright. Well, he didn't but that's not a big deal. I know I've said I'd call people and haven't.

Alright, so yesterday he skipped school to go to Six Flags. Fun. I e-mailed him once again, and he checked it when he signed on that night. I too was on, so we chatted. We decided we'd go out on Saturday with Jess and Pete, our friends who we always went out with, almost every Saturday, even though they're dating and we weren't. And then all of a sudden, midsentence almost, he signs off without saying bye. So today he e-mails me that he should be able to go, but he thinks he got sick from splashing around on Tuesday at Six Flags so he doesn't know if he will feel well enough to go.

Well, it's Wednesday. And he thinks from splashing in puddles on Tuesday that he'll be sick on Saturday night. I don't know. And he hasn't called or signed back on to talk to. And it wouldn't suck as bad if he hadn't gone to Vo-Tech so he could be a cheftype. Had he stayed at Sayreville I could talk to him. Damnit. I just want answers. This is incredibly unnerving. I just want to know if he wants to go back to friends and is avoiding me. I just wish I knew. Cause I'd have no problem going back to friends, I'd just want to know.