well well well...

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I scored a 87% on the "aRe u a LeZ/ BiE" Quizie! What about you?

It's a daft quiz - but i was refreshed by the honesty of the approach. it was inoffensive and funny.


I scored a 79% on the "Are you a lesbian?" Quizie! What about you?

that one is a bit more articulate but lacks the charm of the first one. see for yourself. feel free to post results below. hehehe esp if you're a guy.


why am i doing this? am i seeking confirmation or something? surely going down to bed next to my girlfriend is confirmation enough. in fact, that's what i'm gonna go.

nite nite.



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Me too!

What are the odds? Maybe I was just born in the wrong body? Oh, wait...

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67% on the first quiz 55%

67% on the first quiz

55% on the second.

But it's kinda easy to figure out 'are you a lesbain' by the questions they have. Unlike some quiz's which try to decide by other factors (usually sterotypes).

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I scored 110 percent.

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Just a fledgling

21% on the lez/bie one.
25% on the lesbian (second) one.