what to watch out for??

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ok, im new here, bi, and if you read my blog, im only out to 3 ppl and these are ppl whom i knew would be ok with it. what i want to know is what i can expect from the general population because im bi(meaning differntly as from if i were a lesbian). like are ppl less likly to belive me cuz i like men and women both?? or do they seem to be just as(or not) accepting??

also...how do compleat gay men/lesbians feel about it?? i know ive come across some ppl who are like 'make up your fcuking mind alreay!', but from the fealings i have its not a choice i could make.

thanx for your help and i dont mean to offend anyone by asking these questions(ie...the last one). i guess i feel like i might be because im new here and am still fealing everybody out. when i dont know ppl i go a lil overboard w/unnessary apologies, because i dont like putting ppl out of thier comfort zone. now that ive rambled long enough, ill shut up and let you answer my questions. Thanx again.


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Bi people

I'm fine with Bi people and don't think that they are faking it, but I think that there is a time (AROUND about 12 - 16) where people are not completely sure about thier sexuality and therefore may be bi at the time, but may end up gay, straight or stay bi. As this is what I did and have heard of others that have done it too. However this would not stop me from believing someone if they told me they were bi.

Anyways, if people can't accept that people are bi then that's thier problem, but also appriciate that they may have had some encounters with people that said they were bi who they really fancied and then became straight (as happened to me).

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I too, consider myself bisexual. Not because I think it is better to be somewhere in the middle, between gay and straight, but because that is what I am.

Bisexuality is more about loving people in general than loving genders. I can see myself falling in love with anyone not just a man, or a woman.

When people ask what my sexual orientation is, I tell them bisexal because that is what my hormones tell me. I do admit that my attractions are more frequent with guys than girls but sometimes I see certain women that totally do it for me.

There are people everywhere that think bisexual people are actually gay and in a form of self-denial. I laugh at these people because I know different. One of my former friends once said "Gay guys say they are bisexual when they want to have children." Interesting theory, but not so much a reality.

Hope this helped.


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Speaking as a bisexual...

You will undoubtedly run up against opposition. There are people out there that believe bisexuality isn't a possibility, and some of these people, unfortunately, may be people who you've previous trusted. That happened to me this weekend and it was horribly disheartening. And the thing that sucks is that these people are both gay and straight. One thing's for sure: being bi will make you a helluva lot stronger as a person.

There will also be people that will absolutely love you and support you - always remember that. It's true. I'd strongly recommend finding a queer group when you're ready to be out (which may take awhile, and that is totally normal and okay). That's what I plan on doing in college because it's important to have glbt friends to help normalize your sexuality and have a support system.

I'd also recommend looking at your sexuality like this: we're pretty damn lucky to be able to experience deep relationships with both genders =). Enjoy being who you are, you don't need to feel ashamed.

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I think....

that the gays and lesbians (and the breeders, too) that you want to (and should) hang around won't care if you're bi.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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I am also bi...

and I found a lot of people who didn't know me (and some who should have known me better) thought I was just faking it, that I was really just gay or straight. That didn't bug me too much, only that people that didn't really know me where passing judgement. People believed me more when I dated this girl. *shrug* It didn't bug me much, but Im pretty laid back.


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it didn't bug you?

well, you're lucky then. it makes me crazy when people try to throw this "you're faking it" shit at me. i guess that's because it has been a really sensitive issue for me, though, and they've caught at really vulnerable moments. (note: don't talk to biphobes when feeling really insecure. they make everything 8 times worse.)