when it all comes together

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have you had that? well, i'm sure you have. the moment when there's no turning back (if it is a single moment), that you are sure for all beans that you are absolutely in love with the same sex...

tonight, i hung out with a girl and kissed her on the cheek, and that's when i knew... there's no goin back. there is absolutely no reason to ever doubt myself again because i caught myself acting like a horribly nervous and awkward 12 year old around her, and when i kissed her on the cheek goodnight, i knew that i was where i needed to be.

this just makes me so euphoric that i have to share it with other people. anyone wanting to exchange stories or anything... please do so :).

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The Only Girl.

I don't know if this fits 'ere, right, but 'ere goes....So she

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reading that was painful :)

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Cockney's hard to beat.....

but then there's yiddish and strine :).