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I just read something about a new show on Bravo called "Boy Meets Boy." And it's a reality dating show but with gay guys. So there is one bachelor, who will be choosing from a roster of 15 other men. Well, it seemed harmless enough at first, but then there is the "twist." The "twist" is, not all of the 15 competing men are gay, some are straight... Now obviously, to make the show interesting, they don't tell the bachelor or his best friend that there are even any straight guys in there to begin with. So not only are they playing with a man's mind and emotions, but are basically humiliating homosexuals. Like, leading them on to win some prize, then the bachelor won't even end up with this guy because the guy was straight all along... It's like they want straight America to laugh at the gay community for even thinking that homosexuals have a chance of happiness with any person of the same sex... It's really sick and twisted, fucked up and disgusting. Also, for the viewers, they make it more fun by adding "See if you can find out who is gay and who is straight!" I mean, do I even need to say more? I was intrigued at first, that the show seemed harmless enough and might actually give the gay community a little more credit, but this is basically another show trying to have homosexuality more involved and "normal" in the eyes of the typical American, and by attempting to do so, they are simply having homosexuals look more stereotypical and more rediculous...


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thats sick...people messing with peoples lives and emotions like that. why are people stupid like that?

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I avoid

I avoid sterotype shows like that. I dont even watch Bachler, Dog Eats Dog, Big Brother or any reality type show. They stick with skinny and the beautiful people. It just sickens me

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Bachelor's thought bubble: "F

Bachelor's thought bubble: "FINALLY. Corporate America is finally giving gay guys a chance."

Corporate America's thought bubble: "GREAT! Eh heh heh we can *really* screw this homo over. THAT'll get ratings."

That's sad.

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a step forward, two steps back

The concept of a 'reality' show is absurd. Reality is making a documentary about someone's life, not getting a group of people together and trying to pretend they love each other. It's really difficult to find a comfortable place between acceptance and ignorance, because there are so many levels of tolerance. The media seems to be exaggerating extreme acceptance to the point where it's okay to make fun of homosexuality without realizing that the people who are not accepting will use gay reality shows to their advantage. We took a step forward in tolerance and two steps back in humiliation.