Happy holiday!

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Damn. Did I do something wrong? Why hasn't she emailed me? Does she have something wrong I don't know about? I want to email her, but after nearly two months and three unreturned emails, I don't want to look like a stalker. There are some serious downsides to online friends... Hello? Are you out there?

Being unemployed is WONDERFUL. A temporary wonderful to be sure, but still wonderful. After a year and a half of the six day work week, I am relishing my free time! First I got to hang out with my bro for a week when he came home from Korea. Then I went on vacation with my friends. Four days hanging out on the beach, building sandcastles, playing in the ocean, checking out girls, with some camping and hiking tacked onto the end.... lovely. Seeing all my long distance friends was good too, even though there were a few awkward moments since I am still only out to one of them... I'm working on it.

Came out to my small town, farm girl, conservative, very religious ex-roommate and good friend, and she took it amasingly well. She said she doesn't like it and it would take some adjusting, but she said I'm still her friend, and since she hasn't treated me any differently and even told me she wants to know if I like any girls, same as if it were a guy, I'll take it! I think she'll come all the way around eventually.
Next step: parents. Phew. It's a big one. Part of me thinks they already suspect. It'll feel good to have them know though. While working in my new house, my mom was looking for me, and as I was stirring up paint in the most out of the way place, I yelled out at her, "I'm in the closet!" As soon as the words left my mouth the irony struck me, though I think my mom was oblivious... :P

My new house rocks!! I can't remember when I had a project I was this intent on. I spent most of Monday and all of Tuesday through Thursday prepping and painting non-stop from 8:30 or 9am until after midnight. I can't seem to tear myself away from it; I just want it all to be fixed up so I can move in and settle down in my very own place! And then start hoping for roommates... still a dilemma. I need roommates. And I'd like some good gay-friendly ones. But I'm not even out to all my friends or my parents; do I really want to say to a random person, by the way, before you decide to live here, I'm a lesbian, are you okay with that? Grrr.

I am going into email withdrawal, spending days at my new house with no internet. But it's so nice to come back and have a week's worth of reading on Oasis! Happy Fourth of July y'all!