I have a bunny...

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Her name is Lily. I couldn't just leave her in the pet store. She kept following me when I walked around her little plexi glass cage! So I bought her and brought her to my dad's house. So I don't really get to see her that often, but my dad wanted a rabbit anyway and this was just an excuse for him to have one.

I also bought a whole bunch of faery stuff. Two new post cards, a sticker, and a shirt. All Amy Brown faeries. Kick ass! Oh and a pen, which was just an after thought. Yah. I love shopping.

Ugh, my cell phone and my mom's and sister's all got fucked up royally. They didn't send us a bill and the guy who signed us up for the phones in the first place screwed up. He never had my mom sign the contract so our phones got shut off. They were going to shut them off again tomorrow but we found out the problem. They didn't have our post office box so they just didn't send the bill and didn't bother to try and contact us through anything but text messages. We cant call their office if they dont give us the damn number!!!!!!!! So our phones were going to be shut off tomorrow if we didnt pay the bill that wouldnt have gotten to us in less than a week. Needless to say we paid online and its over with cept my sister and i both owe our mother a hundred and ten dollars (there were two bills or something). Stupid cell phones....

Alright I had to type a fairly mindless blog this time because my last ones have been far too serious for my liking. Dismal days have come to stay....temporarily. Hopefully the future will be brighter! Catcha later!

P.S. Forgot to mention: My mother and I put together a patio set, outdoor swing-thing and an umbrella thing yesterday. Took us around three hours. Yah we were in the sun the entire time, I am little bit red and crisp today!


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Amy Brown

Amy Brown's art is gorgeous!

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Yay for bunnies!

Damn right it is. Im rather proud, I'd adored her for ages before stores started carrying her stuff.