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Hm. I haven't blogged here in awhile, but thought it couldn't hurt.

Recently, it's been seeming that I'm a bit more "out" than I previously thought. Several people have been asking me if I'm gay (some more than once), citing rumors, and I've also heard secondhand of people spreading around crap of differing levels ("Yeah, he came out last year!" Pfft).

My responses to these have been painful[ly worded]. Most of the time I can pull of shaking them off without actually SAYING I'm not gay. *sighs* Ah well. I'm out (as far as I know / have told) to two dozen girls and one to three guys.

I have a feeling a lot of this is going to change this year (sophmore in all-male high school), which can be interesting, but I'm also a little apprehensive about. For one, my counselor told me at the end of last year that this year we are going to have a GSA. Phew. That will be... interesting. o.O I'm still nervous though. Would joining that group be synonymous with coming out? How would being out differ from where I am now?

An old grade school acquaintance, while being swatted away by me with evasive responses "Don't believe everything you hear", "is [person] STILL spreading that around?", she did manage to fit in that it wouldn't change anything if I was. Granted, I don't speak with her that often, but I appreciated that... particularly as I would've expected her to be one of the more gossipy annoying ones. *sigh* I don't know.

Plus being kissed would be nice. Yes, I'm a dorky nerd. But putting off all this teenager-ness for coming out can be annoying sometimes. Pooh. =)


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With my GSA

...there was about an even amount of gay and straight people, like the name suggests. Of course, if it's a competent GSA then no one will be asked what their orientation is. If you're still a little worried, take a couple fag stags with you.

Luke also went to an all-male high school, so you could always ask him for advice.


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Don't worry, I'll watch out for you. I, basically, have the support of the school, and me and monkey will watch your back. (Plus I'll be a senior, and therefore untouchable:) You'll do just dandily. Don't be afraid of the world outside of the closet, it's just fine out here, and the weather is much less dank. Talk to me, chico, if you have any problems, or need to talk. No worries:)
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*points finger accusingly*

Damn you, Luke! You haven't f*cking e-mailed me! (wow...I meant for this to be funny, but I just come off looking like I need anti-psychotic medication...)

Naw, seriously, dude, e-mail me. You've got my address. All you have to do is open a new e-mail and type... you don't even have to say anything, just randomly hit the keyboard and I will be satsified. Or at LEAST private messege me, for Goddess's sake!

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You'll do just fine. And once you hit the 10-person mark on the Out-o-Meter, the grapevine really starts to kick in. Crap, once you get to 30, everyone within a 15-mile radius knows. Or, as I say, "There is a leak in my pipes of trust..." (I'm rather proud of that)

Love ya, boi!