My father.

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Dad: So do you have a girlfriend?
Me: No.
Dad: Well I guess what I'm trying to say is, do you like girls?
Me: No.
Dad: I was praying that you would like women...
Me: Sorry.
Dad: No, whatever, you are what you are.
Me: Yep.
Dad: So, who knows?
Me: A lot of people.
Dad: Well, I was going to leave Frederick anyway.
Me: What?
Dad: Well I dont want my name going around, you know "Oh, Scott Mackey's gay."
Me: That's my name, and are you saying that I'm tarnishing the family name?
Dad: Well, there aren't any other ... people that are un natural in the Mackey family, we love pussy, can't get enough of it.
Me: Okay
Dad: So do you want a boyfriend?
Me: It's a goal of mine.
Dad: Well, don't ask me to come to any of your gay shit. And if you're getting married, I'm not coming to your wedding.
Me: Thanks for the support.
Dad: So none of those shit broads that don't look like shit (Amy... Emily...) are gonna get fucked.
Me: Nope, it's not that crazy of a concept.
Dad: Are they the same way?
Me: Amy's a lesbian.
Dad: Yeah she looks like one.
Me: Okay.
Dad: Just telling you, I don't like lesbians and I don't like gay people, it's just against nature.
Me:I guess so.
Dad: I can't stand being around them, a mental defect. I really just do not like them.
Me: Thanks.
Dad: And I always knew, you were a woman trapped in a mans body.
Me: Okay Dad, you don't know shit... I don't look at myself as a woman.
Dad: Well, whatever. Just, I don't like gay movies, I don't like gay places, but since you're my son I have to like you. I mean, I already fucked up with one of my son's and now you're gay, I guess i do have you're younger brothers.
Me: I guess so.
Dad:I don't understand how a man can't like pussy.
Me: I know it's just insane.
~Exuent Scott~


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That... is not feelgood. I'm really sorry.

The Ultimate Oompa Loompa Wannabe

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I am really sorry. Maybe (with any hope) he will learn from this, and his thoughts and views will change...
~Lisa Faery~

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Jesus. God your dad is an ass

Jesus. God your dad is an ass. Was he sober when all this was said? Fucking asshole. Good thing you will only be staying at his house for a few more days. I am rather disapointed that your not gonna fuck me though. Its also nice how Im easily identified as a lesbian :p...but seriously im realy sorry that you had to hear all that. *hug* Lets run away to a happy place.

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Atleast he didn't just walk away...

The fact that he confronted you about it shows that he is interested and does care - he isn't planning on living in denial.
There is hope for you and him.

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probably not

Thanks but, I'm 17, and he's 62, we're almost more than a generation apart. Chances of him coming around are next to inconceivable.