Oh god not again...

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I saw my friend Emily today with a guy that completely admires her. He's so sweet to her and she doesn't really like him back and I kinda understand why (she has her own reasons). Not too long ago I was really infatuated with a straight guy, who turned out to be a real ass hole, and I'm afraid this might be happening again... I really like JP, who is gay and I'm not quite sure how he feels about me, but he said he liked me... I just don't know. After seeing Emily and Mark together (bot not really together) just further intensified the fact that I'm alone and she potentially has a really great guy. I don't even know what i'm saying. This makes no sense. Blahhhh.


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Hun -

it makes perfect sense. We all want to share our life with someone else. And the idea of other people experiencing that (or simply potentially being able to have that) just strengthens and intensifies the longingly. And that sucks.

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i agree

i feel the same thing when i see my friends with their S.O. or potential S.O. we all feel it one time or another. No one really likes being alone. the human heart was ment to be shared with another, not solitary. hope that made sense...people are ment to be with people, not alone. thats why we feel that longing. the absense. gees im so alone...