Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

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Okay, I here the US gay channel won't happen but it seems like Bravo is trying to fill that gap with it's new programming, or is it.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy just premired this week and I want to hear some feedback. For those who don't know it's a show where five gay men makeover an ungainly straight guy. Each or the "fab 5" are like gay planeters each one responsible for either culture, fashion, grooming, interior design or food and wine. I wanted to hear comments because I know someone has seen the first episode and although it is quite entertaining, I'm wondering if it might also be a tad problematic.

Also Bravo is doing a gay bachelor series where interlaced witht the contestants are straight boys. It hasn't aired yet and I didn't pay the 4 bucks to buy the magazine that had the entire article in it so I was hoping to here the buzz online.

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Hilarious, and useful

I have to say that I think it was absolutely hilarious, and spot on. The gayboys are just being themselves, and the straight guys are getting more than just a well-needed makeover (dude, they waxed one guy's ears!), they're getting up close and personal with gay men. It's like the guy in the Advocate wrote... *wanders off to find link* Andrew Sullivan's column - where he makes the point that the demographic we have to win over as queers is straight men, and that to do this, we need to make friends with them. Queer Eye... gives the straight men an up close view of gay guys, and shows how unthreatening, and indeed, awesome, they are.

On a less political note, I think it's just a fun, hysterical show which I watch with my ultra-cool mum and comment on the fashion and lifestyles of the poor straight boys who are submitting themselves to a personal upgrade. It's fashion, culture, all that good stuff, with a big dose of humor, and it shows how we can build gay chic into our lives. It's just fun. And it makes me not miss my cadre of gay boys so much over the summer holidays.


Being a transgendered person who embarks upon transition is a jump off a cliff; you have no idea who you will be when you are done. All you know is that you can't stay where you are. ~ Patrick Califia

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Hey, that's a really good point that I hadn't thought of - winning over the straight men. After all, they do seem to be the most homophobic. *shrug* Coolbeans :)


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Exactly. If we win over the

Exactly. If we win over the str8 boys, we win over the most homophobic demographic. I mean, in general, am I afraid str8 girls will reject me? Nope. But I do get nervous around str8 guys. *grin* But str8 guys can be awesome, like my dad, and my few str8 guy friends.

Of course, I don't think working on gamers counts. Gamers are a species all their own, and those are the most str8 guys I know.

alex, the non-gamer who speaks gamer

Being a transgendered person who embarks upon transition is a jump off a cliff; you have no idea who you will be when you are done. All you know is that you can't stay where you are. ~ Patrick Califia

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Winning over straight boys

Yeah, I like that little word phrase myself. However, I highly doubt that they will win over our president.

I like Queer Eye, saw it the first time today and actually thought it was good. Before it started, my dad and I saw a commercial for it on TV and afterwords, we just turned and looked at each other and I said, "I don't get it." He knows I'm gay.

Boy Meets boy on the other hand just seems like a huge laboratory experiment on a lab rat to me. I'm going to feel so sorry for that guy if he chooses a straight guy at the end and the whole joke comes out. Still, everyone has to expect some sort of prank if they go on some sort of television reality show thing. Ah well...


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what's a gamer? The Ultima

what's a gamer?

The Ultimate Oompa Loompa Wannabe

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Gamer (n.) -

A gamer is someone who plays, usually, online games. Games where time is of the essence, and as such, the gamers can't spend too much time typing out words perfectly. Instead, they shorten words or phrases. Examples:
omw - on my way
Well, I really can't think of that many since I haven't been in the gaming scene for quite some time (EverCrack).

There is also a type of gamer, a dialect that has evolved to be its own language. It's called leet, or 133t, whereby numerals are substituted for letters that somewhat resemble numerals.
1 can be used as either an L or an I.
3 can be used for E's.
4 for A.
8 for B.
9 for G.
0 for O.

Keep in mind, those are the most rudimentary uses of leet characters. True leeters have many more uses for the numerals and even include nonalphanumerical characters such as '/', '', and '@', etc. :)

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I loved the combination, sinc

I loved the combination, since Im in Interior Major. Combination of interior, fashion, personal hygenic, and a cook. Its a nice varity from Trading Spaces. These straight guys needed it badly!

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It's enough to make you stop

It's enough to make you stop believing when tears come fast and furious in a town called malice!!

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Damn... I met this guy from T

Damn... I met this guy from Toronto who said they have a gay channel in Canada, but I guess we Americans are too conservative to do that.

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It's called "Pridevision"

It costs an arm and a leg and is on channel 100 right on the dot. I stare longly at it when it goes past on the TV guide channel. I can't wait 'til I get my own place and my own cable subsciption. Oh, and on Showcase, which I do get, at any giving moment they are playing soft-core porn, and a significant percentage (between 25-60 I guess, I don't watch it that often, and turn it off if it's bad) of it is fun same-sex sex.

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ohhh, i finally saw it the ot

ohhh, i finally saw it the other day and it was funny =). i was laughing out loud.

The Ultimate Oompa Loompa Wannabe

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we have a gay channel in canada!!?? does anyone know more about this !!?? :)

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Jai is def the cuter guy, th

Jai is def the cuter guy, the Culture guy. I think this is a great turn about for all of us. Since im very much into Interior Design, I think its awesome and hilirious when they crash a straight guys in desperate need for a change in their comfort zone. LOOK GOOD GUYS!