Reborn Liberal

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As I sit here to today, I realize that I sit amidst a time in my life where everything is changing so fast. I have only spent a few years on Oasis and much has happened in very little time.

I came here as a deeply closeted, anti-abortion, Christian fundamentalist, and hard right-leaning conservative who enjoyed the likes of the O'reilly Factor, the New Republic, and second generation Reganites.

Now, I'm an out and proud, bordering skeptic liberal Christian, who says "Fuck Orielly", to hell with the New Republic, and shame on all you who call yourselves conservatives. I'm a conscientious objector to war, a vegan, and an environmentalist. I hate conglomerated media and all the demagouges that are trying so hard to pretend there's a "liberal bias", when we all know how "liberal" the war media converage was.

In some ways, I have become radical. I'm ardently against the Bush Administration and all who put their dirty fingers into the oil pot. I voted straight-ticket Democrat for the state elections and I intend to do so in the futue. (Only I won't pick Gov. Gray Davis this time, because he's such a fucking asshole and needs to be recalled NOW!)

At first I saw myself coming to tolerate the pro-choice side of the abortion debate. Now continually see myself defending it. A woman's body is her own and it's nobody's business but her own if she decides that she doesn't want to go through with a pregnancy. (In other words, Uncle Sam can keep his dirty hands out of their vaginas. It's not only a matter of respect and dignity. It's a matter of privacy, autonomy and basic human rights.)

I don't know why I didn't realize it sooner. As I became better educated on the issues, it became quite clear that I was progressive. I may have a socially conservative demeanor to my attitudes and outlook on life, but my politics has drastically shifted as I realize how much of an ass some people can be. Especially, when they're poking their noses in places where they do not belong, and that, specifically, includes my goddam bedroom, folks. That, if anything, convinced me that I didn't belong in the complainer's camp.

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Another person's seen the light! LoL.

I think it's great there are really people out there who can change their minds about something as serious as politics. Hats off to you, mate(s).

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I firmly believe that honest

I firmly believe that honest education is the key to liberalizing people. If many conservatives were truly educated about what the government, media, and big business were up to, they'd change their stripes, like you (and I) did, quickly.

I was a pro-life, ultra-conservative catholic for much of my life. I blame my catholic gradeschool education, and religion classes. Now I'm a pro-choice, ultra liberal/radical transsexual pagan. I love life. :)


Being a transgendered person who embarks upon transition is a jump off a cliff; you have no idea who you will be when you are done. All you know is that you can't stay where you are. ~ Patrick Califia

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Good ol' Catholic school, eh? 7 years here - and never going back again! Ha! Thank... um... God?


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The times, they are a'changin

The times, they are a'changin...

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eventhough i am more of a conservative, i admire you for beleiving in what you think is right and not following the sheep. i don't care what kind of political veiws you have as long as they come from your heart. congratulations on your newfound belief system.