the lesbian lightbulb

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Girl (1) and Girl (2) obviously dig each other.

So they should, like, have an actual in person conversation about it. In the flesh. Without a computer.

It would probably be much more productive than blogging and commenting incessantly while screaming into pillows.


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Thank you!

Finally, someone says it!

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We do believe me....but time wise, it doesn't work out too well...Don't worry we talk...
~Lisa Faery~

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I got too silly on this.

I got too silly on this.

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brava, jules, brava. >:-)


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But then where would people go for their crazy gay soap opera? And we do talk in person. Just not enough. *pout*

Damn driving ages, work, parents, blah blah blah....

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we are skilled enough to blog, comment and IM each other at the same time!
~Lisa Faery~

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Now thats talent!