Welcome Back Scotter

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I haven't written on Oasis in a long time. But, in the words of Bette Midler "Damn, I'm fierce!" Actually that has nothing to do with anything. I'm in San Diego, California right now, but only for like 3 more days. Anyway, stuff is way insane. I put mself on like a million personals (PlanetOut, Hot or Not (I got a 7.9 :)), Face the Jury (only like a 7.5 on that one), Gay11, and like, every other one available.) and I got decent results. I met a wonderful guy named JP (awww, JP!!!) and im gonna see him when i come back to Maryland! I cant wait hes soooo wonderful! But I'm not gonne get into it. Anyway, the whole reason i even got on this was to write some shite, so write i shall, have fun y'all!

A lullaby with a bitter refrain.
And aloud I recite your stolen words.
Put onto me your inexperience,
And I'll sing you a simple lullaby.
Belonging, how good it is to be wanted.
The longing, how much of you is all there?
Replacing, is my face erased already?
Revivng, there's no way, I'm too far gone.
However. However... How ever you came into my life,
I'll never... I'll never regret our days,
But our days have come to an end....
These days have come to an end, and we're through...
We're through these harder times.
And another strong, sung lullaby...
La, la, la...


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i'm in maryland too (annapoli

i'm in maryland too (annapolis). jolietara@yahoo.com
we should get together and go clubbing.