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Heather came with me and my mum and Lynn to the fireworks in Fitchburg last night. We go almost every year cept for like the last two because it was too hot to go. But we went this year. Four people, four chairs, one neat sheet, one cooler, one blanket, and a back pack later and we were there.

Twas fun. Atleast I thought it was. We had a card fight. That was hilarious. Then there was the man sitting behind us who had flashy lights clipped onto his nipples. That was even more funny. Rather disturbing as well. Lynn got a good pic of Heather, although I don't think she knows about it, and she has footage of the fireworks on her digital camera. You can see and hear them. Its mad cool.

I was reading through an article in Newsweek that was about gay marriage and there was a picture of an elderly man holding a sign that said "Homosexuality Hellfire sin". Needless to say I got a little peeved. But with a little creativeness and a permanent marker I managed to change it to "Homosexuality is in". Yay for permanent markers (Right, Heather? :P )

Then I convinced my mum to let Heather come back to my house and play with sparklers. There were ones that were gold colored and shot out star sparks. They looked like fairy wands. It was awesome.

I definitely had a good time. Cept the headache resulting from a misunderstanding between me and my mum. That goes back to the nipple thing though.

I like hanging out with Heather...a lot. Its always a lot of fun. Although I am not sure where all this is headed..I suppose I will just have to wait and see.

I start watching two kids this week. Its going to be 30-35 hour weeks with them. Plus over the weekend I have to watch three other kids for the entire weekend. ALL WEEKEND! Its crazy but it will be a lot of money. Then I can go out and buy lots of junk I probably don't need but am buying anyway just because I can.

I feel the need to buy cowboy boots and a hat. I don't know why. I think it has something to do with my newly acquired fascination with CMT. They play videos a lot and I like that. MTV is all shows these days. I mean they can't even play videos anymore without turning it into a contest (Ex: Video Clash...er whatever its called, where the videos go head to head and people have to vote).

Another thing that is a must have: Sandals with Amy Brown faeries on them. Definitely a need. I also have a list of 5 or 6 books that I would like to have. I prolly won't have time to read them all this summer but atleast I will have them.

I suppose thats enough ranting for today. Thanks everyone! Catcha later!

p.s. What do u people think of me and Heather? My mom has turned it into her own personal Soap Opera which I find amusing!


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I like it, but Im bias. :p
The card fight was so funny, and random. And the Ya-yas..... hahaha. Can't wait to see what mischief we get into tonight!


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Yah....Flashy things...

I think it was highly amusing cept for the whole Chris thing...I am sooo sorry about that. I was trying to pull away from him (I think that was kinda obvious), but he was all clingy and whatever. But if you noticed I talked to you more than I did him. Thank you for inviting me! It was uber funness (dude, thats a great made up word!!!)I blinded my mum with the flashy thing! Then I said nipple about thirty times and she twitched...my job there is done...LOL. Ur sister is wicked adorable! Kinda hyper...but it was cute specially the whole singing thing. She was so into it. All three of us were singing...which I found amusing...I have used the adjective amusing waaaay too many times for this one comment...That seems to be getting out of hand...So I'm gonna go now...Thank you for inviting me and for the flashy thing and the water!!!!!! :P
~Lisa Faery~

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Twasn't your fault...

haha, that was definitely amusing when she started tweaking in the car. Everyone thinks she is. I think she is. shes so into this whole patriotic thing, with the patriotic songs and stuff. Lol, I was thinking we were like a fem-chorus. lol. It was fun though, both nights. Thanks for having me as well.

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one yea vote

I think you guys are cute. Besides, reading about people's relationships is fun (and sometimes comforting, and sometimes just apt to make you jealous :) but it's even more fun when you get both sides!

"You think you know, what you are, what's to come.... you haven't even begun."

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oh come on you guys seem too perfect! good friends, you have lots of fun, sparklers, markers...i don't even know the stories! haha i say go for it! :D:D


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wicked cute...

~dragon fairy~