All My Children

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Does anybody here watch All My Children at all? The most recent episodes have been about Bianca, Erica's lesbian daughter, being raped. It's really interesting and shows the public a different kind of defamation towards lgbt people. Anyway, that was my 2 cents for the day. Everyone should watch the show.


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I don't watch All my Children

...but I have been seen Passions, which has to be the most poorly written show ever aired on network television. The only lesbian person/gay person they've ever had on the show is, naturally, a fucking psychotic. She's helping this other woman, Beth, or Betsy, or some damn name like that, kidnap her fiance's ex-lover and hold her hostage in their basement until the woman gives birth to Beth's fiance's baby, when she will take the baby from the woman and pretend it's her own... Anyway, it's just so unbelievably idiotic it's funny.

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one of the women

on all my children is a south african soap star.
she plays "Gillian Andrassy"


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