Alright, absolutely ridiculous...

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You know I thought that all the middle school drama that I went through last year (when I was a junior in High School, go figure) was over. Apparently I was wrong.

There was an incident when someone said something they shouldnt have and had no right telling people. And we got into a fight. Which triggered atleast two seperate fights entirely with two other people. It turned into a huge mess and hurt me alot. It was drama that was not needed and could have been avoided entirely, but manage to happen anyway.

Well, in the process, I stopped talking to one of my old friends. Earlier this summer he and I began talking again. Which was a good thing. But last night he and I were talking because his parents are divorcing and we began talking about what happened at the end of the school year. Turns out he discovered that maybe I was dating another girl through someone I would have never expected, someone I have gotten close to, someone who I trusted. And now I am more hurt then before. Its harsh, very harsh.

I can only call it spite. Jealousy, driven by spite and it sucks. Now I dont know what to say to her, or if I want to continue getting to know her as closely as I have. I mean, yah its the past, but damn, I would never have suspected her, and for the reasons she did it. Just the fact that she tried to comfort me when I was distraught over the entire situation, when she added to it, is disturbing to me.

So I have been stressing over this for a day now, and I am still not sure what to do. Its crazy. I dont know what to do or say. Whatever. Catcha later....


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Why don't you just use my nam

Why don't you just use my name, it hurts more when you avoid it. All right everyone, its me, I messed up. Okay? So I suck at life, nothing new, I just wish I could stop hurting other people. And Lisa, I didn't tell him anything...

I'm sorry I can't do anything right. I do try..

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I take back what I said, and

I take back what I said, and I am sorry. It was my mistake. No one here should take you for a bitch, and if they do I'll talk to them myself. You are a wonderful friend, no one else would still be here after all the times I've hurt you when I've messed up. No one else would have been able to give me the courage to fight S.I. No one else shares my love of writing as deeply as you do. For this I thank you and am sorry I took out my anger on you.

~dragon fairy~