And the fun continues...

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Not really, havent had much time for fun these days.

But, I will blog anyway as I havent in a long time. Sorry bout that. My time has been very limited and restricted lately.

I have changed immensely over this summer. Its incredibly weird, but I think it has something to do with the little amount of time I have had to hang out with people. There hasnt been much chance for other people to alter my opinions and my views. So in a sense I have become more of my own person I guess. I havent quite decided whether or not its a good thing. Its kind of like the old Lisa has faded into a dull gray and the edges are all blurred.

In "reality" my mother has been non-stop trying to appease the likes of Lynn. Which is just crazy. She cant seem to grasp the concept that its a give and take kind of situation. Not everything has to be catered exactly to Lynn's needs. Lynn can in fact adapt to us as well.

I have worked....and worked......and....worked. And that is about it. Butcher has attempted multiple times to come over but he never calls first and then I wind up not being there. Apparently he really REALLY wants to hang with me. ::shrugs:: Whatever. Might happen eventually....Got the week off...You never know.

Chris commented on my live journal. That was interesting. Something about how he loves me and misses me a lot. I dont understand how he can say that when he barely knows me. I really dont get it. Especially since we "broke up" a while ago and then he decided recently that it was a bad idea. Dude, I wouldnt date him again if someone paid me. I dont get how he doesnt understand that! Whatever.

Well I suppose thats it. Sorry it took me so long to blog! Catcha later....


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Yay, the lisa is back!

Yeah, usually I experience the same thing too. Things that wouldn't be normal become normal and my veiws get all distorted from what I would think if other people were around.... I notice this every summer. Its strange, but I like it, mostly. Butcher and Chris are strange. They need to go live in the strange home. No wait, then I'd get booted out. woops.

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Your a nutter hun...just like me...::grins::
~Lisa Faery~

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Lets have a nutter party! Wahoo!