First Drag

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For me, when I was five, I complained to my mother that I felt jealous of girls because they got to be "pretty," while boys had to be "handsome." On account of my desire to be more beautiful, my mom allowed me to wear berettes (sp?) in my hair. When I was seven, my cousin and I got into his sister's closet, put on dresses and make-up, and ran around the neighborhood pretending we were girls.

I made my performance debut in 1994, dressing up in a Girl Scout uniform and using a yellow pom-pom as a wig. My cousins and I made a movie taking place in a restaurant in which I was to throw a temper tantrum because the restaurant didn't serve watermelon pie.

Describe your early drag experiences, whether they involved being a drag queen or drag king (is that the term normally used?).

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drag = change in persona

At about 16 (a year ago) I decided that I wanted to dress up in drag, so I asked my friend, Daniel if I could borrow some of his clothes to dress up in drag, but he wouldn't let me. So I asked my other male friend, Ali, who is slightly vain so has great clothes if I could borrow his.

It was Valentines day I had his jeans and white shirt on, and my Dad's old browm leather jacket on. My Mum and I got in the car to take me to a youth group. We first of all picked up one of the most beautiful (and bi girls) in the world, I knocked on her door all gentlemanly, talking politely to her mother as I waited for her. Then we went to get my freind and her gay, male friend, who said 'you look like such a dyke', then as we left the car said 'it's so amusing when patrents are that stupid' as my mum didn't know I was gay at that point, I just told her that I was dressing up in drag as he was.

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when they wrapped me up in a girlie blanket at the hospital, my long-run daily drag career began.

even catholic school made me wear a jumper. silly nuns, telling me to cross-dress every day.

just think, an 18 year drag career, and i'm only 21.



Being a transgendered person who embarks upon transition is a jump off a cliff; you have no idea who you will be when you are done. All you know is that you can't stay where you are. ~ Patrick Califia

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Drag Kinging

Ah, genderfucking... the only time I've done it was a couple of months ago at my Year 11 semi-formal, a week after I cut my hair really short, I showed up in a white tuxedo and top hat and silky black shirt. Girls who didn't know me would freak when I entered the "wrong" bathroom, and other guys would follow me in there thinking it was the male restroom... one guy complimented me on my tuxedo and then looked really confused when I spoke to him in my female voice. People kept walking past muttering to each other about whether I was a guy or a girl.. now come on, I don't have a masculine face at all, can't people accept that I was a girl in a tuxedo? Most of the night was cool though. My friends thought I was going to get mugged on the way home for dressing the way I did, but alas the worst that happened was dirty looks from people on the bus, and there was nothing bad about that. I enjoy scaring stupid people.

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If I were going to do drag regularly, I'd probably base my appearance and persona on Tammy Faye Bakker, or maybe Marlene Dietrich. I think I'd call my character Cruella Kowloon or something.

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genderfucking on girls is sooo sexy =P~ &cooool (srry guys)
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"love,love,love,send me your love,simply not enough"-i dunno who tell me plz:)

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Last halloween I pondered giv

Last halloween I pondered being a drag king, however I didn't go through with it. I thought some would find it insulting, a guy dressing up as a women dressing up as a guy. I didn't mean anything insulting by it, but it was too risky I thought. Personally I've fallen head over heals for numorous drag kings, they can capture one of those perfect looks.

As for being a drag queen, I havn't had the oppurtunity. Well besides when I was little at daycare, there was this one fiaryprincess dress that me and my friend would always wear, oddly nobody seemed to care. Part of me does want to do drag, I'd love to be elegant and stunning and all that, it'd be great just to lounge around and be gorgeous. I'd have to be dressed up in some kind of evening wear or something victorian. Probably be expensive.