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i just had the coolest conversation with my dad.
he's pro gay bishops.
he's anti-bush's fucked up marriage proposal crap.
he LOVES queer eye for the straight guy and is taping it for me to post it to me.
he even likes boy meets boy and will and grace, and he said he was glad gay media representation was so much more positive lately.
though he thinks boy meets boy is unfair, he reckons it's all just that show's gimmic and not meant to be homophobic. just torturous like all the other reality shows.
he says my mom has reminded him it's not polite to say 'homo' and he wanted to know what replaced it.
he accepts gay guy and lesbian as preferred terms, and is afraid that if he says queer, people will clock his age and assume he's being a homophobe and not a hip retired dad. he used to say queer in the homophobic way when i was a kid.
i told him that when my mom got a short haircut when i was little, he got me to keep calling her 'butch' for a joke. i did. he said 'geez, u remember that? i don't even remember that. you have a great memory.' and seemed suitably embarrassed.
i told him he was cool enough that'd i'd allow him to reclaim 'homo', especially since he cracked me up saying it - it sounds so funny him just using it like it's the preferred term...i said he could say it in the house if he didn't say it in public in case he offended ppl, but he was like 'no! i'm getting old! i'm trying to BREAK a habit - i'll forget and say it at the wrong time!'
he has a tenuous (but better than some's) grasp on bisexuality.
he had a cool lecture in college about homophobia in his psych class. i'll tell y'all about it soon.

this was right after a wicked converstion with his mom and sister, who sent regards to my gf and said she was a very nice girl. :)

i just wanna ship 'em all on like...a PFLAG world tour. :) but this'll have to do. yay for pro-gay parents!!!!!



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Absolutely fabulous. :-)

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bush doesn't necessarily have a anti-gay agenda. he's just trying to balance his agenda between the far right and the moderates. i'd look into his agenda before making such statements. just because he may he has a different opinion on same-sex marriage as we does not mean he's purposely trying to make our lives miserable.

peace~ christina

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repost the above in the forums and we can discuss it there. this is a post about my dad, not about bush.

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