Just a thought...

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I am beginning to think that I should take my leave from Oasis. When I first began writing here, I intended to do just that; Write. But now its turned into me bitching about my life and middle school drama that you people do not need to spare your time reading. And in general I could do the same exact bitching in a notebook and stop sharing my problems with the world, when I don't need to and don't in fact have as many problems as some other people do.

Now with that said, I have yet to decide whether to leave or not. I don't blog half as often as I used to and it seems like I regret the blog almost as soon as I type it. No longer much use to me as it was before, I don't know what I intend to do.

Life has become a blur, a raging mess of faces and memories.

Catcha later.


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I like your blog. Please don'

I like your blog. Please don't stop writing.

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i second that!

don't go! i dont mind reading your blogs!