Momma's goin' pro!

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Hi kids,

As per usual, it's been a long time since I last wrote. In the scheme of things, not a whole lot has happened, although there are some fabulous stories I have about the past month or so that I may write down.

But I digress. Yesterday was the last day I was housesitting for this gay couple I know. I picked them up from the airport (Momma *hates* the airport), and then we went out to lunch. Afterwards, after doing a little talking, we decided that one of them and I were going to go and play tennis while the other was going to go play volleyball with a group he normally plays with.

As you may or may not know, Momma doesn't play any sports, and this was the first time I've ever played tennis. He went really slowly and taught me how to hit the ball and went over some exercises with me to get used to hitting the ball with the racket.

After a while, we decided to try playing a real game. We actually had a few nice rounds, although needless to say, he won. :-P

I'm looking forward to playing again, because I really had a lot of fun. Wimbledon is still a few years away, though. ;)

On a little side note, the guy who went to play volleyball is going to introduce me to one of the guys on his team. I hear he's my age, very cute, and his behavior is rather atypical for his age (yay for maturity!). We'll see where that goes.

Ok, I'm off to go pay rent now. I'll talk with you kids later!