One Year Ago Today...

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I could say you aren't here anymore
but that would be a lie
because you are everywhere to me
in the golden sunshine
a bird's morning song
the cascading rainfall
and the wind whispering through the trees.
Most importantly however
you are in my heart
and you will always be.
Even though you aren't here
to talk to me
or just stand by me
you are with me in spirit
and I will never forget that.

I love you Gramps, and I always will. You were there when I needed you and you taught me things no one else could. I believed in you and I will never forget that. Its been a year, but it doesn't matter. With each passing year, your memory will become stronger, it will never fade away.


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I knew you'd do it.

Im glad you wrote something for him. Its beautiful. When did you write it?

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Uh, right when I wrote the bl

Uh, right when I wrote the blog?
~Lisa Faery~

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talk about spontanious!

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It wasn't really spontaneous,

It wasn't really spontaneous, I knew I wanted to write a poem for him, and I knew in my heart that I needed to, but I couldnt push myself to write it. And when I was sitting at the computer, I just thought "Hey I need to write something" so I signed on, and the poem was the result.
~Lisa Faery~

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You told me about that,

how you wrote one last year too. Thats why I said I knew you could.