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Its like a gigantic maze. The moment you step inside you are locked in with a deafening slam of finality. Theres no way out until you have found it yourself after every wrong turn. The walls seem to get taller and they creep in closer. The light disappears fast and panic sets in. You run faster and faster trying to get out as quickly as you can, but with every turn you make, you encounter a new terrifying obstacle just waiting for you to get caught. And each time you think you have found the way out and you see that light, you run head first into a wall. So you run faster, your breathe fighting its way raggedly in and out of your lungs clinging helplessly to life. Your vision blurs and your mind laughs manically as it plays game after vicious game on you. When at long last you drag yourself around the last corner, convinced theres no way out and your ready to collapse and accept the impending doom, you round that last corner to find the door, your one way ticket out of this hell. You run forward with one last bit of energy, and burst through the door. You squint and momentarily recoil as the sun burns your eyes. As you slowly adjust you look around at the Eden you have come forth into. Amazing and yet harsh, an enigma not even the most skilled sherlock could crack.

Wow, my ignorance is abundant.....Yah, try and figure out that one...


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The writing was beautiful but unfortunately I have no idea what its about. That kinda stinks, I like metaphors too. Well, at least you found Eden....

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To be honest...

Its not written about anything in particular. It was something that came to mind when I was about to write a quote for my AOL profile. But as I was thinking of it, I was thinking of that drowning, sinking feeling that happens when your depressed and how you feel when theres a break from it, even if in my case, its only a small break. And so that metaphor came about when I didnt want to describe it as drowning and sinking like it usually is. So yah, thats it. Nothing to extrodinary.
~Lisa Faery~

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I have to second that it was beautiful but I also don't have a clue what u r talking about. I can only wish I could talk like that. Keep up the good work.

Kris :)

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reminds me of a movie called

reminds me of a movie called "Cube"... scary that.

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Movie scared the shit out of me!!! It was creepy.....