Probably The Most Depressing Poem In The World...

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*the subject box isn't long enough for the title of the poem. The title is: Probably The Most Depressing Poem In The World. But Then Again, It Was Written On A Suicidal Day. Or At Least, The Morning After A Suicidal Day.*

I don't know why I'm crying.
I don't know why I scream.
I don't know why the scars are there.
I don't know why I bleed.

My life is just on long regret
I wish would just be over.
For a girl can only take so much
Before it starts to lose her.

And I've lost myself so many times
To pain, to fear, to love.
The powers-that-be don't seem to think
They've put me through enough.

I'm weak. They know that. They'll exploit that.
They know I won't do anything.
They know I'll lie there and let them beat me,
While they take away everything.

And I have to blame it on myself.
Who else's fault is it but mine?
And everything I stood for before
Is just a lie to get me by.

I try to make it not happen, I try.
But everytime I fall.
And I'm drowning again, but this time
I don't want to find the shore.

Let me go. Stop holding me back.
Don't worry yourself about me.
Just understand it's not your fault,
And don't tell me that you love me.

I've forgotten love. Forgotton hope.
Forgotten everything I lived for.
We all knew it would kill me in the end,
I'm just making the process quicker.

Goodbye to you. I'll miss you most.
Remember it's not your fault.
And don't let yourself drown the way I did.
I want you to stay on the boat.

*I understand that the rhythm isn't spot on all the way through. It makes sense the way I read it. You'd have to hear me speak it for it all to fit*


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Nice poem, hope your feeling

Nice poem, hope your feeling better now though. Parts of it i can realy relate to.