Pros and Cons

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So what are the pros and cons of coming out in high school? What kind of things did you encounter after doing it, if you did?

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People didn't believe me!

I know that a lot of people told me that I wasn't old enough to know that about myself. That really hurt because I knew who I was but they wouldn't believe me. I also lost my best friend because she hadn't matured enough to realize that I was still the same person. But I am still glad that I came out in high school because it is a hard time to keep everything to yourself and you need someone to talk to.

Kris :)

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i'm in the process of losing

i'm in the process of losing friends... or i was for awhile, they seem to have calmed down... i dont know how but everyone just suspects i'm bi... some people think i'm gay, even people who KNOW i like guys... i just can't confront anyone about it but i know people talk behind my back. it's not that i'm dykey... at ALL. maybe i just make too many comments about hot girls or something, but i dont even remember doing that. one girl at school came out as bi last year and people either said she was doing it for attention, or they freaked out... it's hard to find understanding people. still, i know you can go crazy keeping it to yourself. in a way, it's good you find out who your real friends are, but you lose a lot of others... plus, i think it annoys people that they have to be on guard around you and cant make gay jokes and be their homophobic selves... but then you might be surprised, and find friends in people you never would have expected to react well.

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I dunno

I came out freshman year, and some times I just get really sick of it all. I like randomly talking to freshmen and new people and a lot of the time we'll be gettign along fine until we exchange names and they realize Im that infamous gay chick their friends or older siblings laugh about. Then they seem more on gaurd. Most of the time they get over it, and in the long run its probably good because the next time they heard gay they'll think of their junior friend, not some scary unknown, but it still get tiring after a while. I just wish my name meant me, just Beryl, not another word for gay. But I am queer, so thats part of me and what I want it to represent. Its a strange situation, but I can't regret coming out. I don't know why, but I never want to take it back.

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stil llooking

con: lose friends
con: lose good relationships
con: are in constant pain, find icky ways to deal with it
con: have a difficutl time amknignew friends
con:" are not easlily acepted

pro: ??????????? havent found any yet.

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ive found if you dont make a

ive found if you dont make a big deal about your sexuality other people wont. developing the im gay who cares attitude seems to have worked for me. I came out in 8th grade and Im glad I did because hiding is to hard. When I first came out I was proud and loud and certainly shocked a lot of people. Ive mellowed out quite a bit and now being gay doesnt even seem like that big of deal. Its part of who i am but its not who i am. Im not sure what im saying entirly. High school can be hard and people are creul but i think often the attitudes you take regarding your sexuality, shape how other people view it and how they will treat you. ive also been blessed with my best friend being a gay male so, im not alone. i feel for those who go through highschool being the only gay kid.

so the pro is being yourself. for me that out weighed everything else.