Things picking up...

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Things are going good. My [all-male] school is starting a low-profile, unpublicized group for gay students to talk and support each other - which Luke has promptly named "gay club". Hehe...

At first I was ambivalent about this group, because I heard about it from the Junior guy whose the most well known "out" guy in school - but he's not very well liked, not because he's gay, but because he's pompous and mean. But it turns out my math teacher (who I like) will be one of the two faculty "moderating" it. So hm! We'll see how that goes... the first kind of "meeting" is in a week or two.

At the same time, one guy I'm good friends with and am 30% in love with (because he's not the type of distanced-lust person I'd crush over)... I'm hearing ... things ? about him. I'm concentrating on not letting this let me f* up our awesome, awesome friendship. But it's interesting to hear things at least. Hm!

Everyone should go listen to the song 30/90 from the musical Tick...Tick... BOOM! Amazing song... =D


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That's really great stuff! I really hope you join "gay club"; I think you'll have a gay ol' time!

And what, you're listening to stuff other than DDR now?? What has the world come to?!