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So I'm not realy sure why im posting here. I havent posted in so long. Months. I have become the ultimate lurker. I cant break the habit of coming to this site and reading whats on it. And nowdays there isnt that much being put on it but i still keep comming for some reason.

Probally the majority of people who read this are looking at my user name wondering who I am cause. Ive probaly been arround longer then a lot of people though,I just never got to know the other people who post here very well. I started writing on this site when I was barely 14, just before oasis got formatted so that each person could have their own site so to speak. I wrote under 'queer urbana.' Most of my writings were morbid and angsty but I would love to go back and see how Ive developed since then. I found the site when i was just comming out and it helped me a lot. I think each time i posted it helped me accept myself to a further degree.

So after the site crashed and this site was created i started posting a lot. I had this huge poetry rush. Some of it wasnt very good but some turned out ok. One of the users on here read my poetry and i/med me. We got to know eachother realy well. Insanely well. An online friendship developed into so much more. Most people would say I was stupid to have a long distance relationship but I dont regret it. But it ended so I tried to stay away from the site for a while just to distance myself from the whole thing. I posted spordacily for a while and then I stopped altogether.

So ive become observant because I cant break the habbit of comming back to this site. Ive just sat back and watched a lot of drama. I have to say things were a lot more interesting when Jb was posting regularly. I do miss the bisexuality drama. In my opinion oasis was a little unfriendly for a bit but it made it eventful. I think the ommpah loompah people ran off somehwere to free the loompahs though. Im probally safe now not to have my spelling errors pointed out but the site seems somewhat empty. I think i miss the most reading what Jules wrote. Her writing was incredible.

So ive been visiting this site for two years. The site has changed a lot. I have changed a lot. I dont know if ill post anything on here agian but I guess i had to write something tonight just because its so strange not to. This place has realy helped me the past few years despite not being the most active user. Ive gone from barely being able to say the word 'gay' to not giving a thought about my sexuality being different.So thanks goes goes out to Jeff and Adrian and all the others whos made this place what it is.


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I remember you

I think I read your poetry. Yeah, Jules really was brilliant...

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Thanks for saying I made things interesting. I post on Live Journal now. I did make the natural progression onwards to other worlds. recently I have been battling a grave sickness. I still read Oasis. Just rarely post now. Feel free to IM me if you want some intresting stories still!

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I keep hearing about Jules. D

I keep hearing about Jules. Did anyone save what she wrote or anything like that?

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i'm with you all the way.

except for stuff with the bisexuality drama. i wasn't here for that, and i'm glad.

but everything else... i keep coming back to this site too and it was a godsend to me, especially before it crashed. i loved this site and i still come back too even though nothing really goes on here anymore.

and i miss the oompa loompa people, too. especially jules. i loved her style. her's was the first site i read on oasis and the story i read was perfect for what was happening to me at that time... it was crazy.

i miss it. i miss it a lot sometimes, though i'm not sure why.

life moves foward, though. and we grow. hopefully.

for some reason i feel the need to send you out some platonic internet-but-not love tonight, i guess because i feel like you verbalized what i was thinking and feeling, and it's like this weird connection with someone i barely know and so it's all strange but i dunno... i've kept up with your stories from queerurbana days until now. and, yeah. *shrug*

and on that ambiguously strange and confusing note, i'll head off to bed.