Five Years Later--Matthews Story

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Five years ago this week, Matthew Shepard was Beaten into a coma and tired to a fence, left to die in near freezeing temperatures. Why? Because he was Gay.

(some of you may have seen "The Larimie Project" and the NBC tv Movie about this aswell)

I remeber at the time reading a small 2" article in the daily paper about it. Over the next few days it became front page headlines worldwide.

Watching the outrage over this hate crime over the next few days was something I will never forget, only being out to a select number of friends at the time I was shocked at what I saw. Is this the life I have to look forward to? A life of abuse & Hardship because I was Gay?

He died Five days later from his injuries. Vigils and memorials were held world wide. When the Vigil in my city was held, I attended. The media were there with camera's rolling. I didn't care at this point who knew I was gay. I wanted to show support for the gay rights cause.

My mother saw me on the news the next morning. at the Vigil. She mentions to me that she had seen me on the news. I came out to her a few minutes later. I did so because Of Matthew Shepard. I didn't want to hide this part of my life from her any longer. My mother hugged me. and told me she loved me.

Matthews Death brought the issue of hate crimes towards gay to the worlds attention. It was something everyone knew existed but didn't want to admit. In the five years since GSA's appeared, Court rulings etc, have all advanced gay issues.

In his death, Matthew gave me the courage to come out to my mother. Thank you

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JB -

That's beautiful...

I like that.

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School Play

My school is doing "Laramie Project" for the play this year. I can't act, but I'm glad that this beautiful sensative story is going to be spreaD to the semi-homophobic community I live in.

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*sniffle* :(

let's hope it changes a few minds :(
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Please check out my forum topic for more info on the Shepard case and a shocking new development that is trying to fuel the flames of hatred.