Good side of being gay?

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Please, someone tell me about the "good side" everyone keeps mentioning..

What is good about being homosexual? As much as I've seen of it, its pain hate, suffering and opression. Is there anything else out there? If so, WHAT. Thanks.

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Hardcore sex...just joking, t

Hardcore sex...just joking, though, that i would consider on the good side.

ummmm i guess i would say the love that you feel and everything that is associated with that. all the things that people of the same gender can experience. i guess you could also say there is a sense of community and pride that can come from being gay.

hope you can start seeing things beside pain and hate soon. theres places where the degree of that is much less.

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The good side of being gay is

The good side of being gay is that you are forced to see things from a different perspective. It allows you to form your own opinions about things rather than just digesting and regurgitating what you're being fed.

The good side is that you get to be yourself.

There is an infinite amount of reasons on why its great to be gay, but I don't have time to list them all nor do I want you to feel like I'm preaching/proselytizing, because sexuality isn't learned, its innate.

Private msg me for any more info.

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A great side to being gay is that you also are more inclined to be open minded. There are some exceptions, as there are in any demographic, but for the most part GLBT ppl are more open minded and that allows you to relate to other minorities on at least some level.

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Second that emotion

Here here. I think, not so much in addition to what you wrote but just as another way of saying it, that growing up gay, and having the kind of coming-out experience that I had, really gave me a jump up on most of my peers on being honest with myself, which is something a lot of people never get. It sounds like a paradox, but I look at it thusly: when the whole world hates your very existance, the only way to keep from killing yourself is to know you're right.

That was pretty off the cuff, so I hope it makes sense to y'all. First thought, best thought, right?

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Or of being a straight transvestite, I suppose. Or a goth dating another goth of similar size.

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good sides

You can't get pregant through same gender sex, (which can be seen as a good thing)

and if they exist in your area you can go to free gay youth groups with free trips away.

if your in a club with gay people of the same sex then you have more possibilities than people in a straight club do because only 1/2 the people are of a gender you fancy (putting aside bi people, for which I am sorry, I don't mean to disclude you, it just doesn't work for this arguement)

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there's a good side?
you dont hav 2 hear us girls complain about our rag ^_^!!hehe:P
wait..can "gays" ^ pertain to lesbians?
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You get to have a Boy! hahaha

You get to have a Boy! hahaha

but for reals... whats the good side about being stright? Stright people get hated on too, and they suffer. It all depends on the person, how are you going to live your life? ya know.

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gay pride

u get to be special hehe..u get ur own friggin parades! and clubs and all that! and whats more u get to complain about it!
and u get to be who u want to be, which is so much better than anything else.
and all that you're refering to, thats got nothing to do with being gay, thats to do with people who aren't.
-bi the way of kerith-

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I love being gay.

Well, once you have come out to youself and understand that you are gay, the possbilities are endless. Yes. There is a lot of pain, suffering and ridecule. But there is also so much love to be had and to give.
I've got more to say, but have to go now.

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Good side of being gay? Wha

Good side of being gay?
What about *faces* people have when you come out to them? Some of my coming outs have been pretty funny and I wish I had a camera then :P

PD: Of course, lots of coming outs are painful, but...

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question in a different form

Your question lends itself to another question of much more philosophical importance- what is the good side of living?

This begs itself, however, since the good side of living is living! It is is being that makes life so exciting, difficult, rewarding and enjoyable. If you can live being gay- if you can experience being gay: waving a pride flag, coming out to some conservative bishop, kissing your first boy (girl), dating your true love, falling in love, shopping for clothes, (and from Kirk Read) learning how to snap.

I am often reminded of Nietsche: "As long as you have a why to live you can survive almost any how".

a dopo,

Allora, sono tornato!

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I talk to lilyprodigious near daily and I feel that you all should know that lilyprodigious (aim: pumpkincakemoose) has seen the light. She accepts, embraces, and celebrates the homosexuality within. YAY!!

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YAY 4 Amy!!! ^,^

WAHAHA!!!! she joined the dark side & u can 2!! USE the force "Lily";)
*manical laughter*
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