High School Senior Expelled for Coming Out

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According to this article a high school senior was expelled from his christian private school for being gay.

The note sent to his mother apparently said : "It has come to our attention that your son is a homosexual and we'd like to know what you'd like to do about it,". Do about it? I don't know.. organize him a boyfriend .. lock him out of the school locker rooms (damn), have him put down ? What the hell would they intend to 'do about it'?

I think this is just sick, and wrong. It is also a gross injustice, and things like this should not happen in this day and age. However, this is also a private school .. and their word is law. discuss.

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It's horrible that people still feel that way, but legally they have a right to do so. However, they do receive state funding from the vouchers, so technically (ideally anyways) they should not be allowed to discriminate so easily. Of course, if Florida and Jupiter don't have sexual orientation (perceived or otherwise) included in their anti-discrimination policy, then they still have the ability to. That does not make it right and I am not saying that I agree with them; I don't.

I feel sorry for the student and hope that this never happens to anyone, but as long as we have leaders who try to force their homophobic views on the people they're suppposed to represent I don't see a change.

le sigh

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i went to a catholic high school, and we weren't allowed to bring members of the same sex to dances. they tried to make up some lame-ass excuse, but ya know, whatever. it sucked, but us queers would just get other queers of the opposite sex to bring our dates. at least, that was the plan, but we never got any dates (ha... ha.... *sigh*). so yeah, catholic schools are full of crap but they do have the right to do it, at least if they don't receive vouchers. i told plenty of faculty that i was queer, though, and they were all really cool. one of the gym teachers was a lesbian :).

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