Info/FAQ pages for Oasis?

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Here's something I've been wondering... Oasis used to, if I'm recalling correctly, have pages that would lead people to basic FAQs or info pages about being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered (or at least three of those four). I think we need those again - places accessible from maybe the main page or the toolbar. Someplace to post good "I think I'm a..." type links, or simple FAQs about what being each is. I'm thinking mainly about this because RoaG was asking about good trans resources to learn more. And that shouldn't be in just a comment posted to a story, but much much more easily findable. I mean, have someone volunteer to assemble each: gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, whatever, then get it posted off a main "I think I'm..." page. Just so that if you want to learn about your queer cohorts, it's easy. Links, books, basic articles someone here wrote, movie suggestions, music even. To plug someone who stumbles across Oasis as their first good queer website into the different sub-groups or at least educate each other.

Anyone agree with me? Have other suggestions?

alex, who will volunteer to do the trans info if this is a good idea...

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sounds fabulous!

I'd be willing to gather some info to other sites that I found helpful in my life and possibly write a story about my coming out and what being gay means to me. I think this is a great idea that will further Oasis. It will help those who are afraid to post but are eager and willing to learn more about glbt issues. In general, I think it will be a great resource that will help questioning people find some answers and help reaffirm their identity.


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If you guys give me information to put up, i will make sure it gets put up in an informative and usable manner.

I would also like to have information about HIV/Aids and safe sex / drug use available eventually. Since I hate the thought of any of you guys getting hurt because of lacking the knowledge needed to protect yourselves.

The Information structure also needs to be discussed some. What topics are we gonna cover , what types of information do we want to give .. etc.

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Adrian help with a resource c

Adrian, help with a resource centre. Please!

This is a great link.

Alex, this is a great idea.


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I just want to mention

That the new user sites that are almost going to debut will allow you to set up your site to be part of a certain topography .. ie: i am a lesbian , between the ages of x and y and i am in north america.

This way you can find trans guys in africa over 20 .. or any other combination you think of.

I should mention that this 'labelling' is totally optional and you can change it whenever you feel like. It is simply an aid for new users to find people going through the same things they are. =)

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We never had a page like that. We had "ads" on each page, one of which went to OutProud, which is where i think all of that stuff still exists.


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Okay, apparently my memory is going in my old age.... ;-) I just remember there was a way to get to that kind of content from Oasis. :)


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yeah - to all of that -wicked ideas.
i'll help.

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Great idea, I'll help dig up some bi shtuff if I find six spare minutes in my life. As an aside, I'd also really like to see a help page. I was locked out of the site for nearly six months, and Jeff's email address is nowhere on the site, at least not that I could access as a guest. Which does make good sense, but it would've been super if there was at least some kind of "technical difficulties" address to address such issues to. Is there already something of this nature? I am not discounting the possibility that I may simply be dense. Love to my people!

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