Is dating/screwing friends a good idea?

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I don't think I'm really down with it, but wanted to know what everyone else thought.

I'd be ok with fuck-buddies, but is that easy to have with someone you've known and been friends with for a long time? Does jealousy get in the way? Can you do that for awhile and then just decide that you're not into that and stay friends? What about with people that you're friends with, but it's a meaningless friendship? Is that one easier to pull off?

What about (committed) relationships with friends? If you're best friends with someone and he wants to have a 'relationship' but you're not super into it, is it a good idea?

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Man, do I pick the interesting topics.
Is no one around? There must be at least a few people on this site that have some experience with this. No one here's ever screwed around with a friend? No one here's friends with another homosexual of the same sex, and just had something happen?
Would this topic be more interesting if I added some raunchy details about my experience (made up, of course)? What if I added some overly dramatic (but not made up) details?
Where's Adrian? Or JB? Or Michael (the other Michael)? Surely you guys have to have some views on this subject.

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I personally fucked up majorly in high school because I fell in love with my best friend, and then proceded to sleep with him.

He refused to talk to me the next day. It was ... Badong.

I have also slept with friends I have now, with little consequence..

It all comes down to how you are wired, and every friendship is different.

Also .. micheal .. get you arse on jabber =)

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id say that dating is a bad idea cuz if the break up goes bad u risk the possibility of loosing that friend, i am in a "friends with benifits" thing right now and we decided that it would be better not to date because of that, as long as u can handle it, it can work out...when you start getting jeleous etc... it messes it up