JLo the dyke?

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Mambaonline has an interesting article about Gigli, which apparently is one of the worst films of the year. *snigger*

It also has a short history of gay cinema...and reminded me. How awesome was kissing jessica stein! =)

Also, you must see All Over the Guy .. lovely movie that.

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So the premise is, J. Lo is queer, but there is a conversion by way of Affleck's incredible manliness. Oh please. I loathe this idiotic demanding diva and her braindead ex normally. If I went to this, I'm pretty sure I'd vomit until I die.

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So sad. What an incredible t

So sad. What an incredible turn-off. Oh yeah, I'm a "lesbian", whatever. The sad thing is that I secretly lust over her because she reminds me of a girl from my own life. But yeah, this disgusts me, and it really hurts our case in the end so she should be ashamed of herself.

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good point

however i felt kissing jessica stein had a similar ending and kinda wrecked the case as well...for lesbian and bisexual...but the meeting parents scene was scarily good.

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i felt the same way about jessica stein, too! blagh. i left that movie feeling sexually deprived somehow and frustrated because the misconceptions prevailed. well, they didn't for heather, but she wasn't the main character so it really didn't help our case either. *sigh*

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I really didn't like Kissing

I really didn't like Kissing Jessica Stein, I mean, she ends up with a guy!!