Love the sinner hate the sin?

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I just came from a campus discussion forum in which 4 panelists plus everyone else who shows up participate in a discussion answering the questions:
1. do you support gay marriage?
2. can you support gay people without supporting the gay agenda (don't ask me about the "gay agenda". I didn't pick the term used and it was replaced by whatever made the panelists more comfortable anyway)

The goal of the organization is to have a variety of opinions on the panel so they had a christian student, a republican and two gay men.

Toward the end, I managed to get into a back and fourth with the christian panelist who argued from the christian perspective of same-sex relationships are sinful and so is bigotry and discrimination so she supports queer people to the extent that they shouldn't be attacked harassed or discriminated against but she still views same-sex relationships and homosexuality to be sinful. She seemed to see the love the sin not the sinner school of acceptance as a supporting queer people. I very much didn't but as i tried to explain I hit the barrier of time (because the discussion was winding down) and she didn't see sexuality in the same way I do.

I knew this student before the panel and we're cool. I'm out, we get along, I think she's cool but at the same time we're just acquaintances and I don't necessarily think I can be a whole lot more than an acquaintance with someone who holds that type of viewpoint but at the same time I think I might be able to.

So this brings me to my question. If you love gay people but consider homosexuality a sin, can you truly support gay people and or have meaningful friendships with gay people?

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Yeah, well...

Christians don't know what they're against.

My humble opinion.

Ramblings of a Girl

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Yes Christians are not meant to judge but they do it all the time.

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y is there a christain in the

y is there a christain in there?
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"simply being loved, loved, loved -- it's more than enough"-BT (thx)

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They try to find people to cover opposing sides of the argument so they had two gay men and two people that would be expected to hold and opposing viewpoint. In this case it was a christian (who believes in the things that are associated with christian homophobia) and a conservative.

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Depends what she really thinks

Does she think that homosexuality in itself is a sin, or that someone being homosexual is a sin? If she says that being homosexual is a sin, then it might be kinda hard to become better friends, but if it's just the homosexual act that she is against, then you might be able to have a friendship, but that is up to you and her.

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Strange cousins...

I have a friend who is a conservitive christian and says homosexualality is disgusting and wrong but she has a cousin who's gay and they are really close. They, along with another female cousin who is my friend, are almost always together. The other cousin isn't homophobic. (I know cause she's complained about Tanya's views about homosexualality being bad. And because we both hate the same sex marriage ban and think it's wrong.)

Tanya doesn't encourage him to date guys but she doesn't tell him not to. She openly says how "wrong" it is but I have never heard her talk about it openly while he is around. And she won't let other homophobic people talk bad about him.

They do have a close and good relationship. I have met him only twice, both with Tanya, and they get along great. It makes me wonder while others can't get along like them in this world.

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Blind Church

Refer your christian friend to these sites and try to encourage them to read them. They may change their views. and

The church preaches things based on tradition which are often not supported by the bible. They are closed minded and unyeilding in their views, often seeming to teach hatred instead of love. I am a Christian but I do not follow the church institution which despirately needs to be reformed because it does not teach true christian values. To be honest I find it very upsetting.

An open mind is a wonderful thing. I believe God is best served through personal relationships, love and embracing the gifts of his creations with gratitude