Marriage 'Protection' Week

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Bush backs right-wing marriage agenda

by Patrick Letellier / Network

To the alarm of many gay rights advocates, President George W. Bush signed a proclamation on Friday endorsing the "Marriage Protection Week," to be held Oct. 12-18.

Defining marriage as "a union between a man and a woman," the proclamation calls on "all Americans to join (Bush) in expressing support for the institution of marriage with all its benefits to our people, our culture and our society."

"Marriage is a sacred institution," the proclamation states, "and its protection is essential to the continued strength of our society." Though the campaign clearly excludes same-sex marriages from "protection," it ends with an admonition for Americans to "continue our work to create a compassionate, welcoming society, where all people are treated with dignity and respect."

Marriage Protection Week is being organized by 21 right-wing, conservative organizations including the Traditional Values Coalition, the Family Research Council and the Southern Baptist Convention. The groups are planning a weeklong blitzkrieg of media events denouncing same-sex marriage and promoting "traditional marriage between a man and a woman" as "the God-ordained bedrock of society," according to the campaign's Web site.

The organizations' goals are explicit: to outlaw gay marriage and prohibit any legal recognition of same-sex relationships, including civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Gay leaders condemned Bush and the proclamation, and voiced grave concern for the security of gay rights nationwide. Matt Foreman, director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, told the Network the escalating attack on gay marriage is a "profoundly frightening frontal assault."

"We are shocked, appalled and immensely saddened that the president officially sanctioned this vindictive campaign to vilify gay people and our families," Foreman said.

"We have a group of incredibly wealthy, politically connected and organized institutions lining up against our movement and our community -- it's terrifying," he said. "We need to understand that this attack is directed at each of us personally," Foreman said.

Kate Kendell, director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, told the Network, "It's the height of irony that this president, presiding over the most immoral and criminal administration in my lifetime, has the audacity to call us immoral simply because we wish to form loving relationships and have the protection of law when we do so."

"I don't consider myself particularly hyperbolic," Kendell said, "but what the Bush administration has done -- not just with gay marriage but all around the world -- is just so beyond the pale of what any of us imagined would happen."

"It's scary," Kendell said, "especially when I look at my kids."

Joan M. Garry, director of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, was no less pointed. "President Bush has just endorsed an organized agenda of bigotry, discrimination, exclusion and intolerance," she said in a prepared statement. "It's critically important that the media ask the Bush administration and its supporters to defend their association with professional homophobes who seek to target, undermine and destroy American families," she said.

Kendell and Foreman both believe that Bush is using gay marriage as a wedge issue to divide the American public and drum up conservative support for his 2004 re-election campaign.

"And all the signs are that the world is going to become even more perilous for us under Bush's leadership," Kendell said.


A penny for your thoughts?

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Move to Canada!!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

This is pretty terrible. That's all I can really say about it.

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what's all this aboot then

actually.. i would love to move to canada.

i already have a bitch there (JB)

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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*LOl on the floor & kicks @ the air*
-"the God-ordained bedrock of society," isnt this country protected by amendent..? fREeDoM Of ReLiGiOn(supposing it's america)
-if love between striaghts isnt a crime then why us? LOVE IS NOT IS CRIME!!! whoo!! say,chant,shout it from the heavens w/ the deepest abyss of ur lungs!*chirping* carried away :P
-on the issue of "God"- it("God") created every human equal including us ^_^

anything we can do to prevent the "protection" thing? if any1 sends a letter to congress addressing the issue can you plz include the gibberish i said here? might want to repharse some.. thx!^-^.even though i know you won't...:~(

why don't i send it myself? because apparently teens don't have a voice in government:(

GOTische HEXe
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"love,love,love,send me your love,simply not enough"-i dunno who tell me plz:)

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Human Rights Campaign

I don't think it's the age group (teens) that doesn't have the voice in Congress, but rather the numbers of that age group that don't express an opinion to their congressmen. At the Human Rights Campaign you can sign up for an action newsletter that will keep you up to date on legislation as well as keep you alert of possible anti-gay legislation and give you the option of emailing, faxing, or snail-mailing your Senator(s) and/or Representative(s) stating your oppostion or support for a current bill or whatever. Your voice counts and they do care. If the numbers are great, then they will listen.

In fact, just a couple of days ago I emailed Bush asking him not to endorse the Marriage Protection Week, but he didn't listen because he's...well, Bush. But don't let that discourage you!

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I e-mailed Bush w/ the same m

I e-mailed Bush w/ the same message. This is the link to that particular page, Yeah so send your message to bush, and listen to abdak about signing up for HRC.

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hope 4 the hopeless!!! :D thanks! i gonna join it :P......too bad we can't cuss :(
hope i write a good letter :P
good luck all! and let our voices be heard!~_^

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There is yet hope

The great thing about signing up for the Human Rights Campaign Action newsletter is that they write the letter for you! Of course you can opt to write your own or just merely edit some part(s).

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Oh super. See, because I wasn

Oh super. See, because I wasn't self-concious enough already, now I'm supposed to be some kind of immoral criminal too?

And it starts the day after National Coming Out Day... there's motivation to take the step.

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National Coming Out Day?

there's a National Coming Out Day?? cool B-)
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"love,love,love,send me your love,simply not enough"-i dunno who tell me plz:)

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National Coming Out Day

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It also starts...

It also starts on the 5th year anniversary of Matthew Shepards death. How insensitive of Bush, Focus on the Family, Concerned Women of America, and Family Research Council, et al.

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Do you think this is going to help Howard Dean in his campaign for the presidency?
Kris :)

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I think it pretty much guaran

I think it pretty much guarantees that he (or Kucinich) will get the gay vote. Then again, there's that Wesley Clark guy to consider...

Personally, I think all of us queers should get together and start a sardonic "counter-holiday" to coincide with this "Defense of Marriage Week." I'm all for a "Dysfunctional Family Festival," a week-long celebration of alcoholism, spousal and child abuse, adultery, and incest - in other words, a celebration of the Traditional Amerikan Family that these people unconsciously advocate.

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While these may not be counter to the Marriage Protection Week, two holidays have been proposed: Gay Sex Protection Week and Marriage Equality Week. While Gay Sex Protection Week does have its merits, I don't think people will slap on too many condoms just because of a proclamation. I think Marriage Equality Week is better because we get to butt heads with the Right and hopefully achieve progress in some form or another.

As for Dean, he did make Civil Unions in Vermont, and I'm hoping that that is just a stepping stone for actual marriage next year whe he gets elected.

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Go Vermont!

I guess I'm kinda lucky to be living in Vermont. It is nice to live in a state that at least acknowledges that gays deserve some rights. And I like the idea of a marriage equality week.
Kris :)

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What better way to protect the sanctity, love and beauty of an institution than by making it a partisan issue and excluding couples from participating solely because either more than one or less than one member (no pun intended) of the couple has a dangly bit between their legs? Rupublican fundamentalist bastards.