Mix and Match

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Ha! That title has absolutely nothing to do with what I am going to type about. LMAO. I am so damn random...

Anyways. Amy is determined to get me into SCAD (Savanah College of Art and Design). IN GEORGIA!!! I dunno...It has all the classes I wish to take and it seems cool. Its just really far from here. And I like it here. Here has the weather I like best, and the people I know. And all the feelings and memories that have made me who I am. *sigh* I just dont know.

I dont know what I want outta life anymore. It seems like I am unhappy with everything. Or atleast ALMOST everything. Somethings are just ducky. For example, my friends. They are just ducky. *nods*

None of my thoughts are connected in anyway right now, my brain just won't allow it. I am soooo tired. And really, I should be doing my Genetics project, but I dont want to. I hate making brochures. My comp has the worst programs for it, it seems almost pointless. It will just infuriate me in the end. *shrug* However, I do want to pass...

Well I'm gone...Catcha later....


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That is really...

far away... :( But you'd get lots of mail. And you would get a fresh start. I don't want you to leave, but it could be good for you. Maybe you could find a more local college with the same effects though?.... I dunno, I know jack about colleges, don't listen to me.

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I was in Savannah Georgia a l

I was in Savannah Georgia a little over a year a go. Right in the Scad area. All the college kids would get discounts on food in restaurants, and I was upset because at fifteen I couldnt quite get that discount. I dont know if youve ever been to that area but it is beautiful there. My friend's dad owns an italian ice cream shop on a street corner and surrounding that store are art galleries. I even took tai chi lessons right down the street. The women are beauiful, lots of lesbians. So in conclusion Savannah is a kick ass place. Good luck deciding on colleges. I need to start thinking about that too.