Need To Do Something

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I needed to do something, anything. So I am typing. Why not? I would draw but I am beginning to doubt myself again. Which I find, I do far too often.

This whole really windy thing is not going over to well with me. Its mad cool and everything, but all the crap thats being used to construct a building in the middle of my road, is being blown around. Theres insulation littering our yard, and theres metal siding flying around. Correct me if I am mistaken, but I am fairly sure that metal, or aluminum, which ever the material may be, siding could really hurt someone flying around out there. Its a weird version of a tornado. Eh,its interesting.

I am sad. I have no one to bring to the reception for the CU which is on saturday. I am spending the next two days cleaning this house from top to bottom, literally. Not too happy bout that but hellz, I am trying to be helpful. So far I think its working.

La la la. I really don't have much to say. Thats gotta be a first.

Well I am going to go because the need to draw is overwhelming me. Catcha later!