Oasis upgrade successful.

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Just a note to let you guys know that the upgrade of Oasis this weekend has been successfull.

This version of Oasis has been tested quite well by me and the beta testers over the last few days,
but it's almost impossible for us to catch everything that might crop up.. So if you have any questions or anything...
please add them to the bottom of this forum topic. I will sadly only be able to reply to them on monday. So , best of luck .. although it is very unlikely that there are any glaring errors.(more below)

We are now 1 step closer to user sites. I estimate there will be an oasis update every weekend ,if not ,
then every second weekend weekend for the next 2-3 months. User sites will be back in about a month's time, if all
goes as planned (and it should, I have done my homework.)

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Oh Adrian!

It's beautiful!

Molto bello!

Adrian 4 Prez!!

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Is that where you wanted the

Is that where you wanted the poll to be or?

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Safari Render Bug

I didn't catch this on the staging site. Or it didn't appear till now. Here is a screeshot.

The interesting part is that when I reloaded the page it rendered correctly. Any other Safari (or Konquerer on Linux/BSD) users out there? Am I smoking crack?

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that is a weird bug.

is it reproducable between pages?

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I have not been able to reproduce the bug... might have been Safari not finishing the page load (the headline text is overlayed on the cactus while the page is loading) for whatever reason.

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float: left

the image is floated left, what probably happened is safari rendered the text before it started loading the image (ie: getting the width and height of it).

If ya see it happen again , (especially after a cache flush) .. please let me know. Otherwise I am not going to waste any spare cycles on it =)

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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seeing the old Oasis cactus makes me feel so...

at home. and good.

*gaiety and contentedness*

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