October Break, Let the games Begin!!!

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I'm on break now and I still have a mountaion of things to do yet no desire to do them. I'm home in my sister's room on her computer and I'm typing away..away, away away. I need glasses, Badly. I like boys who may or may not like me and whom I should or should not be liking and it's sunny outside so sunny and beautiful.

This has nothing to do with the subject line but it's still relevant. It is October break and all of the statements above are true. I'm really looking forward to the week as along as scenes from kill Bill wash away from my mind nicely. I should hang out with people.


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Nice stream of conciousness

Is it a mid-term? Or does your school celebrate the more obscure Canadian Thanksgiving, as mine is doing?

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it's mid semester, most classes have midterms or major projects due just before or just after. Classes start up again tomorrow so all in all it was a good break.