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I used to have a pet rabbit (she died, poor thing) but before I got her I did all this research on rabbit care and whatever.. And one of the things I learned just registered a few days ago.

If you have two rabbits of the same gender in a cage together, the two will "hump" (sorry to be so crude) to assert dominance...


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u'r AGAINST NATURE.....NOW!!! ^_^
...why again?

"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
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Yea, i think theres been some

Yea, i think theres been some research done that shows that homosexuality is common in animals. I dont know the exact sources but ive heard a lot about it any way. Its interesting. And your right,animals are the essence of natural instincts, so if they exhibit homosexual tendencies then it must be pretty natural. Then agian you could use the argument, and say that humans arent animals, therefore we know better then to follow our natural instincts.

Your post got me thinking.

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thinking is good..

its more for when people tell you youre agaisnt nature- havent you ever been told that, my mum used to say it all the time. They say your against nature, and you could quote suchs and such a survey.. Anyway, just a thought.